The Emma Press:Myths and Monsters

The Emma Press:Myths and Monsters

In Myths and Monsters, you will meet the Minotaur, Medusa, and a medley of Norse gods. Who helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur? Why was Arachne turned into a spider? And what did Loki do to bring about the end of the world? Hear legends from all over the world, join in with the storytelling, and write your own mythic poem.

In 2015, the Emma Press toured Myths and Monsters as a national children’s poetry show, funded by Arts Council England. Rachel, John, Richard and Kate have since performed and led workshops on the Myths and Space anthologies all over the country.

Poems include:

Ginny Green Teeth

Medusa And The Minotaur Take Tea

Siren Song

Terrainiac The Rain God

The poets adapted well to our very young audience, as well as the breadth of ages represented by family visitors, and were a pleasure to work with. Birmingham Museums Trust, 2015