The Emma Press:Space and Aliens

The Emma Press:Space and Aliens

Join one of the Emma Press poets on a thrilling space adventure.

How big is the universe? Are there dogs in space? What if your friend – or your grandad – was an alien? In Space and Aliens, you will discover some unusual aliens, learn some fascinating facts, and travel to the stars as you write your own extra-terrestrial poem.

Each show is led by an Emma Press poet, who will chat with the audience about the subject, perform some poems with audience interaction, and lead the group in either a joint or individual poem. Sessions often end with a performance of these new poems.

Poems include:

My Grandad Burt’s An Alien

How To Brush Your Teeth In Space

Milky Way Disco

Recipe For Cosmic Cup Cake

Praise for the poetry collection:

This truly has something for everyone… there are hours of sharing, reading and discovering to be done through an exploration of the space themed poetic treasures contained in this collection.

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