INN CROWD launches its third season of shows specially selected for rural pubs and featuring some of the UK’s most talented artists and performers. Artists include world-class comic actors Living Spit, wordplay alchemists Dr. Illingworth and Mr. Simpson, award- winning character actor David Mynne and comedy colossus Jonny Fluffypunk.

For further details on all the shows click on the links below or download our new programme of shows here.

If you’d like to book a show or want to arrange a visit please use the contacts below depending on your area:

For Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex please contact Ann Emmett: or call 01892 457635.

For Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire please contact Karen Kidman: or call  01953 713390.


John Osborne: John Peel’s Shed

In 2002, John Osborne won a competition on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. His prize was a box of records ...
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Scary Little Girls: Storysmiths

Scary Little Girls know how to spoil an audience with a story! Their show combines literature and short stories with poetry ...
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Holmes and Watson: The Case of the Rhyming Crime

See Holmes and Watson as never before, as Arthur Conan Doyle’s adventures are turned into clever verse and lively lyrics ...
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David Mynne: Great Expectations

It’s Christmas Eve, 1803. Pip, a seven year-old orphan boy, visits his mother’s grave. A frightening encounter with an escaped ...
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Jonny Fluffypunk: How I Came To Be Where I Never Was

How do you find yourself when you find yourself where you don't belong? Jonny Fluffypunk grew up in the far-flung, ...
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Living Spit: The Fabulous Bacon Boys

Bacon Construction - three builder brothers with a line in exclusive dwellings of traditional construction - straw, wood and brick ...
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Living Spit: One Man And His Cow

A man. A cow. A whole shed of trouble. Trevor loves Judy. Judy loves Trevor. They’re best mates. Trouble is, Trevor’s ...
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Living Spit: Tortoise vs Hare

One running club; two very different men. A race to end all races. Barry Hare, Wrington running champ. Fit, popular, ...
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Wassail Theatre: Rex The King

A blind man walks into a village pub and tells anyone who’ll listen that he was once the king of ...
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Mark Grist and Tim Clare: Voted Out

Sick of democracy? Well here’s the chance to vote it out! Poets Mark Grist and Tim Clare’s new show will ...
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John Osborne: Circled In The Radio Times

This is a brand new storytelling show. It's funny, it’s interesting and about something that is very easy for everyone ...
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Proteus Theatre Company: Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know

Join Lord Byron, the most notorious figure from literary history, for a stiff drink. He’ll tell you his wild tales ...
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Down The Pub With Luke Wright

Flamboyant, political and riotously funny, Luke Wright creates inventive poems with loads of heart. Part Essex wide boy, part dandy ...
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Bellow Theatre: Gobble

Join us round the stew-pot, pull up a chair, roll-up your sleeves. We think it’s time we talked about food, ...
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Parrabola: Wheeze

Everyone likes a good story. Now imagine that story is being told with live musical accompaniment, and amazing sound effects ...
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