David Mynne: Great Expectations

It’s Christmas Eve, 1803. Pip, a seven year-old orphan boy, visits his mother’s grave. A frightening encounter with an escaped convict begins a series of events that will change his life forever. Charles Dicken’s memorable characters are vividly brought to life in this anarchic and joyful telling of this glorious tale. Using Dickens’ original text (well, mostly!) David Mynne takes you on a journey that brings you a ‘cast of thousands’ in a skilful, one-man adaptation of this epic story. Be prepared to be scared and amazed and cry and laugh …a lot!

From the moment he steps into the performance area, Mynne makes the audience believe in every character and event completely, using just a few props, his body, voice and facial expressions. Both mesmerising and joyful, and I loved every second of it. Faultless.

Sue Cade – Critics’ Choice Award – Exeter Ignite Festival

Holmes and Watson: The Case of the Rhyming Crime

See Holmes and Watson as never before, as Arthur Conan Doyle’s adventures are turned into clever verse and lively lyrics by accomplished spoken word performer, Dr Sam Illingworth and writer Mr Dan Simpson. Join this famous duo in a razor-sharp exchange of words as their conversation becomes a spectacular display of rhyme and reasoning. But as the consulting detective and his trusty Doctor companion recount their successful cases in verse and metre, not all is as it seems. Sherlock and poetry are totally complementary and what’s the result? Why – it’s completely elementary!

Wordplay alchemy … Simpson wants to show us that poetry can connect with everyone. He takes you by the hand and shines a  light into this strange counter-culture  Edinburgh Fringe Review