Adam Hughes – Locally Brewed

Adam Hughes is a playwright from Leeds now living in London whose work always aims to connect with non-traditional audiences. His first play Marching On Together was about the miners’ strike and toured pubs and working men’s clubs in Yorkshire. His second play West End Girls was about social housing and played the housing estates on which it was set. He has a nuanced understanding of how, with isolated audiences and acknowledges the importance in removing barriers to the work and making it relevant to its viewers.

For his residency Adam is working with The Dog Inn in Belthorn. The Dog is no stranger to an INN CROWD show, having hosted a few in the past as part of the thriving events schedule at this community owned and run establishment. As the heartbeat of the village stared the dull, the community fought back and the not inconsiderable mandate was to put the community back into the village via The Dog Inn by co-locating all the services and amenities that had long since disappeared.

LOCALLY BREWED is inspired by the age-old tradition of individuals sat in pubs telling stories. Working closely with The Dog Inn, it will feature four stories told by four of their regulars, each focusing on their individual experiences of living within this village with such a vibrant recent past. The stories will be presented as audio dramas as well as articles in a mocked-up local newspaper. The aim of the project is to bring the experience of being in the pub directly into the homes of those livings within the local community whether they are able to return to their beloved boozer yet, or not.

Adam has given us a few words on what he wishes to achieve with his INN CROWD Residency:

“I’m delighted to be taking part in this project and looking forward to working with The Dog Inn. During these surreal times, it’s important for community members to remain engaged with both each other as well as local institutions and we hope Locally Brewed manages to achieve just that.”