Living Spit: One Man And His Cow

A man. A cow. A whole shed of trouble. Trevor loves Judy. Judy loves Trevor. They’re best mates. Trouble is, Trevor’s family don’t approve. They think that Trevor should leave his prize cow alone and get on with looking after his farm. And then Trevor gets some bad news… This hilarious comedy was written, and is performed, in rhyme and song by North Somerset’s very own Living Spit, and with a multitude of agricultural cliches and farmyard frolics.

World-class actors at the top of their game

The Fine Times Recorder

A top-notch comedy act on cracking form

What’s On Stage

Dynamic chemistry and impeccable comic timing…a farcical evening of silliness On The Beat

Living Spit: The Fabulous Bacon Boys

Bacon Construction – three builder brothers with a line in exclusive dwellings of traditional construction – straw, wood and brick. An exciting new development on a greenfield site on the outskirts of “Little-Muckle-in-the-Wold’. But the locals aren’t so sure. And then one day there’s a visit from the building inspector, Miss Wolf. Told entirely in rhyme and song, Living Spit put their their unique spin on ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  With porcine puns and more rural rambunctiousness than you can shake a stick, straw or brick at, this grown up fairy tale will have you huffing and puffing with laughter.

With lots of daft dialogue, silly songs and audience participation, the evening is definitely one to treasure…

an unmissable piece of theatre in the finest tradition of slapstick comedy Bournemouth Echo

This is a feel good, clever and uplifting comedy **** Bristol Post

David Mynne: Great Expectations

It’s Christmas Eve, 1803. Pip, a seven year-old orphan boy, visits his mother’s grave. A frightening encounter with an escaped convict begins a series of events that will change his life forever. Charles Dicken’s memorable characters are vividly brought to life in this anarchic and joyful telling of this glorious tale. Using Dickens’ original text (well, mostly!) David Mynne takes you on a journey that brings you a ‘cast of thousands’ in a skilful, one-man adaptation of this epic story. Be prepared to be scared and amazed and cry and laugh …a lot!

From the moment he steps into the performance area, Mynne makes the audience believe in every character and event completely, using just a few props, his body, voice and facial expressions. Both mesmerising and joyful, and I loved every second of it. Faultless.

Sue Cade – Critics’ Choice Award – Exeter Ignite Festival