Partnered with: The New Inn, Norton Lindsey 

Working in association with: Live and Local 

Crowd Round engaged with pub regulars via social media and zoom, helping them to crystallise their thoughts about the pub they’ve been missing so much over the last year. Experienced community poet Brenda Read-Brown edited the lines into a poem, which were printed on postcards and posters with images of the pub which were shared with the patrons as a lasting and shareable tribute of this wonderful project.

You can read the poem and print a copy off for yourself by CLICKING HERE

Or listen to Brenda read the poem to you here:



Plain text poem:

The New Inn

It’s the pub that we saved when bulldozers threatened,
the pub that we treasure and own.
Like a treat to a dog, the New Inn always beckons
us in, with “You’re back! Welcome home!”
It’s the place where the dads’ club hangs out on Saturdays,
and gardeners sup well-earned jars;
where kids find enchantment, a magical playground,
and for strangers it’s not just a bar
but a warm cuddly blanket; instant camaraderie
for friends; and for walkers a hug
like your favourite sweatshirt or old comfy trainers.
It’s an armchair, a fireplace, a rug.

Without it, this village would be tarmac and bricks,
a place with no spirit or soul.
It would be a bereavement; we’d all cry inside
at the thought of this sad empty hole.
It would be like a day when the rain never stops,
our community’s heart all ripped out –
nowhere to meet for spontaneous joy…
let’s hope we never find out.

’Cause the New Inn’s our apple tree – new buds in spring,
summer fruit, autumn leaves – always there
for small feet exploring; victory and defeat;
sometimes laden and never quite bare.
It’s a vortex, a catalyst, a vibrant craft beer,
with whisky’s warmth and a G&T ’s fizz.
It’s a beach, glue, life support, steak, Stilton, port –
whatever you need, it just is!

It’s the place where the welcome’s as warm as the pies,
the community’s focus and hub.
It’s everyone’s friend, where your name’s always known –
the New Inn: the most perfect of pubs.

Written by Brenda Read-Brown,
from the words of New Inn regulars October 2020