The pub: a haven from the outside. A place to get away from it all – to have a quiet one, or a few laughs with friends. Until technology came along and ruined both the peace and conviviality of the boozer.

Now, the world invades this sacred space through the proliferation of our smartphone screens. As artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality threaten to further undermine the traditions and social glue that hold us together, what will become of a simple drink and a night out?

Stand-up poet Dan Simpson takes the mobile from your hand for an hour of full-battery, electrically-charged, powerfully-funny verse, swiping through the impact of technology on our everyday lives.

Dan  Simpson  is  a  writer,  performer,  and  producer  working  in  spoken  word  and  poetry.  He  has  two collections  published  by  Burning  Eye  Books,  and  commissions  from  Southbank  Centre  and  the  European Commission.  Dan  has  performed  around  the  world  –  including  at  Glastonbury,  Edinburgh  Fringe,  and  on  the BBC  – and  is  host  of  comedy  VS  poetry  show  Stand  Up  &  Slam.    A  former  Canterbury  Laureate,  he  has  been poet-in-residence  for  the  National  Trust  and  at  Waterloo  Station.   

“wordplay  alchemy…  Simpson  wants  to  show  us  that  poetry  can  connect  with  everyone.”  –  Fringe  Review