Brigitte Aphrodite - Living Legends (and dead ones too)


Sat, 22 April 2023    
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Beach Cafe
Sea Rd, Littlehampton , West Sussex, BN16 2NA

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A literary road-trip around the UK, celebrating Living Legends (And Dead Ones Too) through original poetry. From Lands End to John O’ Groats via David Bowie in Bromley, Poly Styrene in Hastings and Aphra Behn in Canterbury. Tracing its way across the UKs arteries – in a G reg VW – the show reveals its life-blood: the extraordinary people who call our nation home. Alongside Brigitte Aphrodite, prepare to meet sung and un-sung heroes, including at least one pub-specific local colourful character. Take tea with Miranda the Fortune Teller in Margate, raise a glass with Ellen Terry in Small Hythe and share stories with Alan Moore in Northampton.

Living Legends (And Dead Ones Too) embraces the characteristics that make our pubs special. It is a communal experience that welcomes a broad, diverse audience; a conversation-sparker; a raucous night out. Each poem stands alone, but, much like the union it explores, together the characters crescendo into a unique, captivating and brilliant whole.

Brigitte Aphrodite is a punk poet, musician, writer, theatre-maker and feminist show woman. She makes genre-crossing, status quo defying gig theatre and is 2019 Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club kazoo playing champion!

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