Jonny Fluffypunk: How I Came to be Where I Never Was


Thu, 4 April 2019    
7:00 pm


DC1 Gallery and Cafe
67-69 Seaside Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3PL, East Sussex

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How do you find yourself when you find yourself where you don’t belong? Jonny Fluffypunk grew up in the far-flung, forgotten reaches of outer suburbia. In 1984, he was fifteen. This is a story about being the first punk in the village and the only trainspotter in eyeliner. About unrequited love and youth clubs and John Peel and the forgotten gods of small record shops; about making your own myth and letting go and a million everyday life-changing moments in the back end of nowhere. This is a one-hour, energetic and engaging solo performer piece that fuses elements of theatre, storytelling, comedy, ‘stand-up poetry’ (think Adrian Mole meets John Cooper-Clarke) and even a bit of ukulele.

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