Parrabola: Dreamwheezers


Sat, 22 September 2018    
1:00 pm


Chiddingly Beer Festival, Chiddingly Villalge Hall
Church Lane, Chiddingly, East Sussex, BN8 6HE, East Sussex

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Everyone likes a good story. Now imagine that story is being told with live musical accompaniment, and amazing sound effects – all being concocted by a unique machine powered only by wind and air and breath. Wheeze is an interactive organ made from found materials. It is entirely self-powered by wind provided by old vacuum cleaners, bellows, balloons, accordions. The sound emanates from flutes, duck calls, whistles, melodicas, cuckoo clocks and whatever else may be yet to be found. During our storytelling show, we will present a range of stories, all family friendly, and all related to wind and breath. Huff and puff with the Three Little Pigs, see the wind carry Phileas Fogg’s balloon around the world and fill sails on the sea. And then once the stories have been told, come and play on the fantastic Wheeze machine for yourself!



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