Suki Silvertongue: Bedtime Stories For Grown Ups


Fri, 3 December 2021    
7:00 pm


Mulberry Park,
Mulberry Wy, Combe Down, , Bath , BA2 5BU

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Lusciously lyrical and sublimely subversive, Suki Silvertongue straddles the worlds of poetry and storytelling, serving up deliciously decadent versions of classic tales as you’ve never heard them before. Journey with Suki into a fantasy realm filled with kick-ass heroines, wondrous creatures, poetic justice and unexpected twists that is as timeless as it is bang up to date. Where traditional tales meet contemporary themes to dance the tango with a rose between gritted teeth. With an a la carte menu featuring such tantalising treats as ‘Rapunzel’s Lady Garden of Love’, ‘Titania’s Bottom’ and ‘Lady Victoria Frankenstein’, you’ll be spoilt for choice and hungry for more! Age suitability 16+

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