Teatro Vivo: The Regulars


Fri, 22 July 2022    
7:00 pm


The Cellar House
2 Eaton St, Eaton, Norwich , Norfolk, NR4 7AB

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Have you ever wondered who might have nursed a pint at this table before you?  Who propped up the bar a decade ago?  Or who stood in front of that fireplace telling tall tales 200 years back?

In Teatro Vivo’s new show THE REGULARS of the past sit shoulder to shoulder with the pubgoers and bar staff of today.

Designed specifically for performance in pubs, it is a celebration of the outlandish, sometimes incredible stories you hear over a pint.

Pull up that stool, lean in close, and as the drinks flow you might start to wonder how blurred the lines are between fact and fiction.

Teatro Vivo is a critically acclaimed theatre company led by Kas Darley and Mark Stevenson. They make playful and exciting immersive shows in unusual spaces. They tell stories in surprising ways – bringing Shakespeare to supermarkets, exploring The Odyssey on the streets of Deptford, or exposing the truth behind the British arms trade in public squares.

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