Voted Out


Thu, 22 March 2018    
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


The Banningham Crown
Colby Road, Banningham, Norfolk, NR11 7DY

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Sick of democracy? Well here’s your chance to vote it out! Poets Mark Grist and Tim Clare’s new show will use state-of-the-art voting technology to put power in the hands of you, the audience. You’ll choose the direction of the show, reward the poet that panders to your whims and even decide what you want your poems about. Sex or cheese? Portishead or pugs? You’ll even help them write a virulent protest poem live on stage, before choosing who to send it to. Revel in the power! Seize the reins of poetry! Change the world!

The show puts the power in the hands of the audience – each person gets their own interactive voting card which enables real-time voting throughout the show. The voting cards are small, light and easy to use, and keep your vote anonymous. This means we can interact with the audience in a way that’s totally unique – and means that each show is as unique as the audience in front of us. Power to the people!

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