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There is a practicality in INN CROWD – enabling us to make smaller scale work and still monetise that. INN CROWD pays everyone the same – there is no gender pay gap – so INN CROWD is an industry leader. Particularly as a woman that’s essential to me, every little pound keeps me in this industry for a little while longer.

Sophia Walker


One of my favourite yet! Audience all up for it, and some good-natured ‘supportive’ heckling leading to some beautiful improvised moments. Went home buzzing. Thanks for that!

Jonny Fluffypunk


INN CROWD is supporting the art of storytelling, and I feel very lucky that Inn Crowd supports what I do. The performers benefit, the community benefits and the pub benefits – I like being part of that triangle.

John Osbourne


It would be incredibly difficult for me to get my work out to rural communities, just on a cost basis. You need someone to introduce you, and it can take a long time to develop those relationships. So INN CROWD bridges that gap for us.

Byron Vincent


The glorious Star Inn, Waldron. Stunning. Had to compete with bell ringers at the church but we got through it, thoroughly enjoyable. I love the Inn Crowd gigs. Some of my favourite ever.

Luke Wright