‘Cats & Aphrodite: Tales From The Motherland’ is a funny, weird and sometimes casually terrifying collection of the stories that shaped Polis Loizou’s childhood in Cyprus. From the horrific tales his grandma liked to use as weapons to inspire good behaviour (goblins, archangels wielding scythes) to the media circus surrounding a notorious Holy House, not to mention the fact that his ancestors were known as The Wizards in their village,

‘Cats & Aphrodite’ is an hour of eye-opening and amusing storytelling that answers the question: why is Polis the way he is? And why have these stories stuck with him in his new home of England? It just goes to show, when you think you’ve escaped your motherland, you find she’s always got her Evil Eye on you.

Polis Loizou tells stories across various disciplines. He has a predilection for folklore, history, multimedia and the dark. He is also one-third of fringe theatre troupe The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company.


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